Research and Resources

Many valiant doctors at the forefront of treating COVID have come together to make the strong statement that Americans
do not need to be afraid of this virus, that a tested and proven treatment is readily available, and that unscrupulous politicians are trying to limit and remove our medical freedom. Below is a series of research papers and video links to the facts about coronavirus and the war on medical freedom so that you can be informed and proactive in caring for yourself and your family.

Free PDF: “Medical Studies Support MDs Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Early Stage COVID-19 and for Prophylaxis” by Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., Harvey A. Risch, M.D., Ph.D., and George C. Fareer, M.D.

Link: “HCQ – Early Treatment and Prevention of COVID” by Heras E., et al.

Link: “Local Doctor Pushing Proven Treatment of COVID into National Debate” featuring Dr. George Fareed.j

Link: Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine Article, “Hydroxychloroquine: An old drug with new relevance.

Link: “The Nine Lives of Hydroxychloroquine” by Martin J. Bergman, M.D.

Prager U Video: “What You Need to Know About Coronavirus"

Robert A. Nugent Video: “Dr Karladine Graves talks about Hydroxychloroquine"

L.A. Marzulli Video: “PP&S Report - Covid-20: Dr. Graves Interview”

Tucker Carlson Video: "Coronavirus response is being driven by politics"

Chicago’s Morning Answer Video: “Dr.Harvey Risch on HCQ to treat COVID-19"