Dr. Karladine Graves

Crop Karladine

Dr. Karladine Graves coordinates a national healthcare coalition conference call consisting of healthcare leaders, physicians, and legislators. The healthcare coalition conference call discusses all types of healthcare issues across the nation. The coalition composed of leadership from multiple medical groups and organizations and has a bandwidth of around 35,000 physicians. One main purpose is to help preserve the scared patient/physician relationship that has been stolen by hospital, walk in clinics, and big business owning medical clinics. Unfortunately, individual healthcare has become rare. There has been a transition from personal care to governmental, hospital, and pharmacy owned clinics protocols. In addition, the coalition also has been calling attention to the pharmaceutical industry which has almost entirely been handed over to foreign governments such as China.

Dr. Graves has been part of a national effort to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back on American soil to avoid leaving our citizens vulnerable and at the mercy of governments that do not have our interest in mind. Over the last few months, a great deal of progress has been made. In working with the Trump administration, a list of "essential" medications is now beginning to be developed and manufactured in the United States.

With fall here upon us Covid is to have a resurgence late November into December 2020. She realizes America can't survive another economic shut down. Dr. Graves understands with treatment as well as prophylactics with hydroxychloroquine thousands of lives can be saved, our schools could reopen, and we can keep our economy moving forward. She is a board-certified Family Physician, board member of The Salt & Light Council, and member of the Council for National Policy.