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hydroxychloroquine to COVID patients

Broken Truth Chapter 1: Hydroxychloroquine

Former CNN Journalists Expose the Fraud and Corruption of CNN, Politicians, and Medical Researchers.
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Ambulatory Treatment of COVID-19

Peter McCullough MD shares the first published outpatient treatment guide for Covid-19.

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Corsi Nation Deep Dive Interview on 9/11/2020

Highly informative interview with Dr. Vicki Wooll, Dr. Kelly Victory, Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jenson, and Dr. Karladine Graves.

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Dr. Karladine Graves interview on WCN-TV

Citizens in western countries around the world are uniting to demand action.  At-risk Americans and patients actively fighting COVID-19 are being denied Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine based on fraudulent science, retracted studies, and the statements of researchers with outrageous conflicts of interest. 

Is your state Right to Try or Right to Die?

Many states are still blocking doctors’ ability to prescribe HCQ despite no shortage of the medication.  These states allow corporate pharmacists for Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid to block and even report doctors who are trying to protect and save their patients. Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid have significant interest in selling more expensive drugs and extending the Covid-19 pandemic indefinitely.


Multiple high-quality studies have proven that: 

  • low-doses of HCQ can prevent advanced coronavirus disease. 
  • standard doses of HCQ taken in the first 3-5 days of symptoms slows the virus, preventing hospitalization and deaths. 
  • Hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug. 


Networks like AT&T / CNN and tech services like Google search, Facebook, Alphabet, YouTube, and Twitter are actively working against the truth about Hydroxychloroquine and bury the news when fraudulent studies are exposed. 


Just the other week it was discovered that multiple services like Facebook and YouTube use censors and fact check teams from the China, a communist country that bans or censors most of these 'services'. 

AT&T, parent company of CNN and Warner Media, has hundreds of billions in projected profits from Chinese markets that would vanish if the communist leaders were angered by CNN reporting. 


Medical journals and academic institutions like the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Minnesota have all participated in medical fraud for political purpose. They fail to disclose massive financial and political conflicts of interest. Now they are dictating bad medical science as training materials to doctors all over the world. 


Did you know?

  • The NIH, FDA, NIAID and WHO have cancelled or thwarted HCQ studies in favor of studies for drugs like Remdesivir. 
  • The Remdesivir ‘studies’ showing efficacy included patients who had already been treated with Hydroxychloroquine?
  • The US saw a dramatic rise in cases after June 15th, the day the FDA removed the Emergency Use Authorization for Hydroxychloroquine.
  • China recommends Chloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19. 
  • The US reports over 200,000 deaths from Covid-19. 
  • China reports only 4,500 deaths from Covid-19.

You and your doctor should have control over your healthcare.


Our patients and their recoveries are not anecdotes. Join us and sign our petition.

Our Patients and their recoveries are not anecdotes.

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