Congress needs your help getting
hydroxychloroquine to dying COVID patients

It is imperative that you add your name to the list of concerned citizens demanding action. No one with COVID-19 should be denied HCQ because of a government mandate!

Government officials are road blocking doctors’ access to HCQ and therefore are denying COVID-19 patients a life-saving medicine. Taking HCQ as a preventative or when symptoms first appear significantly slows the virus, preventing hospitalization and deaths!
Help us reach our goal of 1 million signatures by the end of next month. Your voice is extremely critical in the fight to get HCQ in the hands of sick patients.
Do not delay! We need to hear from you now. Sign the HCQ petition today and be counted. We must rally and stand together against big government and their allies.


The media and political scientist have kept the truth from the general public about the benefits of using HCQ during this pandemic. Their message about the adverse effect of HCQ is extremely distorted.

Multiple scientific studies show, and many doctors have attested to the fact that HCQ is safe and effective against COVID-19.

Let big government know you and your doctor should have control over your healthcare, not bureaucrats and big pharmaceutical companies!


Citizens are more fearful than ever before. We hear about daily surges of COVID-19 cases, schools afraid to open, sports events cancelled, and more disruptions to our daily activities. However, we can make a difference with this petition. Lifting restrictions on HCQ to combat COVID-19 would put our nation on the fast track to normalcy.

Despite what you hear in the media from politically-motivated scientists, patients treated with HCQ are recovering quickly and without severe side effects. In fact, they report relief from their symptoms in a matter of days. They are able to return to normal life much sooner because of HCQ.


Fear is a weapon of control, and it is time for us to put a stop to this deadly game.

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